DC Driver’s License

United States Vehicle Registration Service can assist you in getting your driver’s license. We can share with you our best tips learned from years spent standing in DMV lines. Also, we can go with you and walk you through the license process. All you’ll need to do is take a photo and sign few forms at the DMV window! How easy is that!?

The following tips are advice only, and we always suggest that you visit the official DMV site to ensure you have everything that you need (although their guidelines often need some decoding). So take a deep breath and let’s dive into the DC driver’s license process!

Why Do You Need a DC Driver’s License?

If you have lived in the District for at least 30 days and you operate a vehicle in public, you need to have a driver’s license from the DC DMV. The only exception is if you are a diplomat, active military member, full-time student, part-time resident, member of Congress, or presidential appointee, in which case your out-of-state license will be eligible for reciprocity.

The DC DMV REAL ID driver’s licenses are valid for up to 8 years for United States citizens.

Your Checklist

When you head to the DMV, make sure that you have gathered together all of the following:

  • Your current driver’s license or government identification card from your previous jurisdiction, along with your birth certificate or a United States passport
  • Your Social Security card. Your Social Security card MUST be officially-issued (an original or official duplicate, photocopies are not accepted) and MUST list your current legal name

Proof of residency in the District. You must have at least two (2) recent documents to prove you are a resident of D.C., three (3) is preferable. Acceptable proof of residency includes utility bills from the past 60 days, an original real estate document (lease or mortgage), a cable bill, or a bank statement listing your current address. For the most recent list of acceptable documents, always double-check the DC DMV website

The Driver’s License Process

The driver’s license process involves 8 steps typically:

  1. Application: You can fill this out before leaving the house so that you are prepared
  2. Documentation: The documents that you’ll need are listed above, but it’s always good to check the DMV website to confirm our information is up-to-date
  3. Vision Screening: At the DMV, you will need to take and pass a vision screening test to get your license
  4. Knowledge Test: If you don’t already have a license from another jurisdiction or DC, you will be issued a learner permit after passing the knowledge test. If you have an expired license from another jurisdiction that has been expired for over 90 days, you must take the knowledge test before getting a new license
  5. Road Test: If you don’t already have a driver’s license from another jurisdiction, after completing the knowledge test and getting a learner’s permit, you can schedule a road skills test
  6. Photograph: This is the most glamorous part of getting your DC driver’s license, and self-explanatory
  7. Fees: Once your photo has been taken, the DMV will collect the appropriate fees for your license
  8. Mailing: You will get a temporary license immediately after paying your fees, which is valid for only 45 days. Your new REAL ID license will be mailed to your home within 10 business days.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Before you leave for the DMV, get all of your documents together and organized. If you show up organized, the entire process will run much more smoothly from start to finish
  • We recommend using the Southwest Center location at 95 M St. SW Washington, D.C. 20024 between 3:00 PM and closing (typically 4:00 PM). This location is Metro-accessible via the Green Line)

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The DC Drivers License Is Easy with United States Vehicle Registration Service

United States Vehicle Registration Service is built around one concept—that your time is better spent anywhere but the Department of Motor Vehicles. We have mastered simplifying complex DMV processes and confusing instructions into a seamless process that we’ll handle from start to finish. We specialize in helping our valued customers in Washington, D.C. including Tenleytown, Palisades, and Van Ness. If you need help obtaining a D.C. drivers license, just give us a call! We’d love to give you back your time.