Tag/License Plate Surrender

Every vehicle that is registered in DC has to display tags that are issued by the DC DMV. Tags are issued when your vehicle completes the registration process, and they are placed on the front and back of your vehicle. If you need to surrender your tags or license plates for any reason, there are very specific procedures you’ll need to complete. Confused on how to get the job done? United States Vehicle Registration Service can help!

Who Might Need to Surrender Their Tags?

If you are in any of the following situations, you might need to surrender your tags to the DC DMV:

  • If you move away from the District and register your car in another state
  • If you sell your car or donate your car and do not take the tags to put them on another car
  • If one of your tags was lost or stolen and you got your two replacement tags
  • If you cancel your registration
  • If you change your tags to disability tags, customized tags, or organizational tags
  • If you get a new tag number and need to replace your old tags

Your Checklist

Below is a list of the things we’ll need from you to help complete the tag or license plate surrender process on your behalf:

  • The tags themselves
  • 2 photocopies of your DC driver’s license 
  • Completed Power of Attorney form: If you aren’t sure what this is or have trouble understanding how to fill it out, we can walk you through the process

Don’t Forget!

  • Do not cancel your insurance before your tags are surrendered to the DC DMV by United States Vehicle Registration Service, and you have received confirmation that they are turned in
  • If you cancel your insurance before the tags are received, you may be subject to a fee for a lapse in your insurance
  • Take any registration stickers off of your vehicle once you surrender your tags
  • Once the tags have been surrendered, you will receive a surrendered tag receipt from the DC DMV
  • The DC DMV offers partial refunds in 6-month increments for those with a significant amount of time left on their registrations
  • You should never put your canceled tags in the mail and trust them to reach their destination

DC Tag Surrender Is Easy with United States Vehicle Registration Service

United States Vehicle Registration Service is built around one concept—that your time is better spent anywhere but the Department of Motor Vehicles. We specialize in helping our valued customers in Washington, D.C. including Tenleytown, Palisades, and Van Ness. If you need to surrender your tags, just give us a call! We’d love to give you back your time.