VA Vehicle Safety Inspection

Every individual operating a vehicle in Virginia needs to complete their inspection before they can move forward with the registration process, but most people don’t have the time or energy available to navigate the confusing process. United States Vehicle Registration Service takes care of every step of the inspection process so that you can reclaim the time you would’ve wasted standing in line.


Every vehicle that is registered in Virginia must pass a safety inspection beforehand. Once the inspection has been completed, you will get a sticker that you need to place on your vehicle. New vehicles that have already been inspected do not need to undergo inspection. You must renew your inspection every year to be in good standing with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia has an in-depth inspection process, so it’s important to get any repairs on your car performed before taking it in for inspection. If you are concerned that your vehicle isn’t up to snuff, United States Vehicle Registration Service can take your vehicle to a trustworthy auto service and repair shop to have repairs performed. At the end of the inspection, we will receive an inspection sticker to be placed on your car.

Your Checklist

To complete your Virginia inspection, we need the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration card
  • Current vehicle insurance card

We also ask that you prepare your vehicle for us to use it:

  • Remove money, electronics, and valuables from your vehicle
  • Ensure that the gas tank is at least 50% full
  • Clean the car interior
  • Tell your driver any odd habits that your car has so that they are aware

Don’t Forget!

  • Virginia does not offer extensions for the inspection process, even if you are out of town or away at college
  • If your inspection sticker is expired when you drive back into Virginia, you are technically safe until you reach your home or office, but after that you could be fined or ticketed
  • If you are rejected, you have 15 days to fix any problems with your vehicle
  • During the rejection period, a rejection sticker will be placed on your windshield in place of an inspection sticker

VA Vehicle Inspection Is Easy with United States Vehicle Registration Service

United States Vehicle Registration Service is built around one concept—that your time is better spent anywhere but the Department of Motor Vehicles. We have mastered simplifying the Virginia vehicle inspection process and emissions testing process and know how to quickly and easily handle the process from start to finish, while you’re sitting on the couch or sitting at your desk. We specialize in helping our valued customers in Alexandria, Crystal City, and Arlington. If you need a Virginia vehicle inspection, just give us a call! We’d love to give you back your time.