DC Title Work

You need a copy of your vehicle’s title, but you don’t want to take a day off of work to stand in line, clutching paperwork, and waiting for your number to be called. We’ve got an easy solution—leave it to us! United States Vehicle Registration Service can take care of all of your DC title work needs. We can also help you get a duplicate title as well!

DC Title Work

The vehicle’s title is a legal document showing that you are the rightful owner of a vehicle. Each vehicle title includes important information about the vehicle itself, including the VIN – the Vehicle Identification Number. Whenever you get a new vehicle or used vehicle, you will need to obtain a title for it.

Your Checklist

Below is a list of the things we’ll need from you to help complete the duplicate title process. Please read this list carefully and ensure that you have each item:

  • 2 photocopies of your DC driver’s license 
  • One (1) of the following: A copy of your vehicle registration, vehicle renewal notice, vehicle identification number, DC DMV title number, or vehicle tag number
  • Completed Power of Attorney form
  • Completed Certificate of Title/Temporary Tag Application: If you have trouble with either this or the Power of Attorney form, we can help walk you through the process
  • If you own the vehicle, but it was previously financed, leased, or otherwise had a lien on the title, you will need an original letter from your bank or lender stating the lien has been released
  • If you are making payments on a loan or lease,  you will need to also have a copy of the agreement available. Additional documentation may be necessary, so please reach out to us for more information
  • A signed blank check made out to the DC Treasurer that will be used to pay for your title work and associated fees

DC Title Work Is Easy with United States Vehicle Registration Service

United States Vehicle Registration Service is built around one concept—that your time is better spent anywhere but the Department of Motor Vehicles. We have mastered simplifying the DC title process and know how to quickly and easily handle the process from start to finish, while you’re sitting on the couch or sitting at your desk. We specialize in helping our valued customers in Washington, D.C. including Forest Hills, Chevy Chase, and Capitol Hill. If you need title work, just give us a call! We’d love to give you back your time.