Changing Your Name on Your Driver’s License

Changing Your Name on Your Driver’s License

At some point, you will likely need to change the name that is recorded on your existing driver’s license.

At some point, you will likely need to change the name that is recorded on your existing driver’s license. Different life events will require you to do so. Two examples are marriages and divorces, in which you are legally obligated to update the name on file. Unlike other procedures, this is something that you typically cannot complete online. Instead, you will have to visit a DMV office. 

Mailing In Your Request 

Let’s start by examining how you can mail in your requests. First of all, note that not all states will allow you to do this. If you can do this, then there are some documents you will need to provide: the filled-out application, payment by check or money order, proof of identity, and evidence of name change to your local DMV branch. These requests take the longest to process, and you could also face delays if any mistakes are discovered along the way. 

Waiting in Line 

Sometimes it is just easier to wait in line. The team at USVRS can help you with this part, especially since we know you have a busy schedule that you need to keep up with – leave it to us! Before you can do this, though, you will need to contact the Social Security Administration and inform them of your name change. This process might take several days, but during this time, you can gather the documents you need for the next step

Obligations to Change 

For your request to be granted, you need to be able to prove that your old name and your new name are linked. Marriage is the most common reason to change the name on your license. Other typical reasons include divorce, adoptions, advancing your career, and rectifying any clerical errors on the part of the DMV itself. Legal court orders for domestic partnerships for insurance reasons also count as another obligation to change your name.

Time Limits 

However, be aware that there are time limits attached to the process. While there isn’t a hard deadline, per se, it is still essential to get it done as quickly as possible. 

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