Rules of the Road, Part 2

Rules of the Road, Part 2

Learning the rules of the road should be a lifelong process because from time to time, they will change.

Even for the most experienced drivers, there is still plenty to learn. Learning the rules of the road should be a lifelong process because from time to time, they will change. Getting your learner’s permit and driver’s license are two exciting milestones in anyone’s life. But with that comes great responsibility

Traffic Tickets and Violations 

Traffic tickets and violations are more common than you might think, and they can be committed by even the most experienced drivers. Some examples of violations include parking violations, moving violations, speeding, or going through stop signs. Traffic cameras are becoming increasingly common, especially those mounted near school zones to discourage drivers rushing by when a school bus is loading or unloading or pedestrians are trying to cross the street. If you get a ticket, paying it off as soon as you can is highly recommended

Types of Roads 

Now let’s take a look at some of the roads you will encounter. There are local roads, collector roads, arterial roads, freeways, and tollways. Tollways are also called turnpikes. Make sure you have cash and change on you in case you come across a tollway on your travels

Tolls and Toll Violations 

When you come across a toll, you have a number of options. You could pay the toll in cash to an attendant, to the machine, or via an automatic transponder that you have mounted in your car. Keep an eye on which lane you are in when approaching a toll checkpoint. Some lanes are for cash only, and others are for the transponder. If you find yourself in an automatic toll lane and your vehicle isn’t equipped with the transponder, then that counts as a toll violation. You must pay the toll, but luckily, you can probably do this online. Just be sure to do it within a certain amount of time so you don’t get hit with another fine.  

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