Vehicle Registrations and Residential Parking Permits

Vehicle Registrations and Residential Parking Permits

When it comes to vehicle registration and parking permits, you might be confused by how to proceed. How are they connected?

When it comes to vehicle registration and parking permits, you might be confused by how to proceed. How are they connected? In the District, there could be restrictions in place that can disrupt your plans to participate in various activities around the city. So what do you need to know about residential parking permits? Let’s find out.


First of all, you need to be eligible for a residential permit to get one. You will find a special number on your vehicle registration. Look at your driver side windshield to see when the current registration period expires and if you need to hurry up and get it renewed. The street where you park must be zoned for RPP, or else it won’t work as you expect it to; this can lead to even more parking restrictions that you might not have been expecting.


Let’s turn our attention to how you are supposed to display the residential parking permits you have, once you attain them. This much is important, because you are allowed to show one permit at a time. Get rid of any that are expired, out of date, or otherwise no longer applicable. Having more than one attached to your windshield could mean receiving a parking ticket that you won’t notice right away. If you are fortunate enough to live in a zone without restricted parking your sticker will read “NO RPP” instead.


With all of that mind, let’s now look at how you are supposed to acquire said permits. All eligible drivers can receive one for their vehicles. Assuming no external factors affect the process, you can get one during the vehicle registration process. You will need to visit a service center, valid credentials from the DMV, or reciprocity permits. Plus, you will also need to pay all fees that apply. However, you don’t always have to do this in-person; in some cases, you can complete the entire process online using various compatible Internet browsers. See here for full details.

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