What is Limited Purpose Proof of Identity?

What is Limited Purpose Proof of Identity?

Limited purpose proof of identity is a unique type of identification that can be used by those not eligible for other forms.

Limited purpose proof of identity is a unique type of identification that can be used by those not eligible for other forms. As the name suggests, it is minimal, and there are many circumstances where you will need additional or supplemental ID. The most important factor concerning a limited purpose ID is that it is only available to those who have not ever had or have been eligible for a social security number. These ID’s are not able to be used for federal purposes, but they are valid for eight years and can be created for both drivers and non-drivers.  

What Is The Process To Get A Limited Purpose Proof of Identity 

To get your limited purpose ID, you’ll need to gather a few documents before you head to the DMV in person. To start, you’ll need a primary source document; these must be original and show your date of birth and full legal name. Examples of these documents include US birth certificate or certification card, unexpired passports, consular cards, unexpired US military ID, or a letter with a photo from a DC Department of Corrections or the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency. 

Secondary Sources 

In addition to your primary source, you’ll need to bring two secondary sources. There are fewer options for these, so you will need to be sure to have them with you. These secondary sources must be originals and have your legal name and date of birth. Original foreign birth certificates and unexpired international drivers’ licenses or ID cards all qualify as secondary source documents. 

Additional Concerns 

With all of your documentation, if any are in a foreign language, you will need to bring an English translation done by an embassy or a certified translator. To ensure that the translations are correct and official, they must bear a certification stamp or be on the official embassy letterhead. Any documents with signs of alteration, erased information, whited out areas, or that have been torn or laminated will not be accepted. If you have had a name change, you will need to bring a copy of your marriage certificate or court documents to show the difference.  

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