Auto Service Tips: 5 Considerations for Choosing Winter Tires

Auto Service Tips: 5 Considerations for Choosing Winter Tires

Getting a vehicle inspection can make a tremendous difference, especially if you need auto service.

During the winter, you might notice that your tire pressure fluctuates. Even if you don’t think this is an issue, you must keep your tires in good condition regardless. Getting a vehicle inspection can make a tremendous difference, especially if you need auto service. Did you know that these inspections aren’t only for emissions? No matter where you need to drive in Maryland, Virginia, or the District, you will need undamaged winter tires.

Difference Between Tire Types

Before we continue, it’s a smart idea to discuss the difference between the different types of tires. Snow tires are more commonly called winter tires. However, winter tires are more versatile, since they are designed to face all kinds of harsh winter weather; snow tires, as their name implies, only help you navigate snow. All-season tires do a decent job of helping your car maneuver slick roads, but they won’t provide as much traction as you will need. 

Selecting Winter Tires

Some tires are better than others. You will have to do your research – the same advice goes for any type of auto service that you may require. Eleven different types have been rigorously tested and approved by the experts at Gear Patrol. 

Winter Tires All Year? 

It’s tempting to keep your winter tires equipped even after the seasons have changed. Even so, you should avoid doing this. Winter tires need to be used sparingly since they are more likely to wear out due to heavy usage than all-season tires do. As spring and summer approach, it’s a good idea to consider other methods.

Using Chains

One example of another solution is using chains. It comes down to the area where you live – driving through the streets of Washington DC is a much different prospect compared to driving through the mountainous region of Maryland or the sweeping rural farms of Virginia.

Using Studs 

Studded tires are another solution you can consider. They give you optimal traction and don’t carry the risk of the chains breaking due to the freezing weather conditions. 

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