Auto Fleets and Electric Vehicles

Auto Fleets and Electric Vehicles

Are there discounts for fleets? What is the fuel range and how long can the battery last? At some point, the battery will begin to degrade.

Managing an auto fleet can be more confusing than you think. Coming into a new profession always takes a period of adjustment, but if the vehicles are unfamiliar, it can make dispatching more difficult than it needs to be. Electric vehicles are making their mark on streets all over the country from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego!

Battery Health Questions

Electric vehicles depend on a different power source than conventional gas-powered ones. Buying an entire fleet of these cars and trucks can call for a steeper initial investment, but since electric energy is cleaner, your fleet will be able to maintain a smaller carbon footprint. Three questions guide the selection process; after all, not all of these electric vehicles are created equal! How much does each vehicle cost? Are there discounts for auto fleets? What is the fuel range and how long can the battery last? At some point, the battery will begin to degrade. 

Battery Degradation Concerns 

Warranties can help give you an idea of how long EV batteries are supposed to last. This question is a definite concern when it comes to auto fleets and their associated logistics. Smaller businesses can run into trouble with resources for repairs and replacements, which makes these questions even more important to solve before you can move on with the process of upgrading your fleet to be more energy-efficient. The degradation itself is when the battery progressively decreases. This is not to say that it is simply drained as the miles rack up – no, this is when the battery wears down and is only able to hold a lesser charge – from 100% down to 99% and so on.  

What Else to Note

Regardless of make or models, the batteries are powerful and resilient. This means that they will last far longer than you expect if you only know how conventional combustion engines run. Older batteries will wear down faster, and that is just a fact of life. 

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