Getting a New Driver’s License in Washington DC

A driver’s license represents an enormous privilege and a new opportunity. New drivers are always eager to gain this opportunity, especially for anyone new to thecity. However, it is essential to know that this important document is one that you can no longer request through the mail, unlike years past. Here are some details to familiarize yourself with, especially if you need to have a new license to replace your old one.

Getting a New Driver’s License in Washington DC
All drivers must be able to prove that they live in Washington DC to gain a valid license in the District.

Applying for a License

Applying for a license can happen once you are 18 or older. Getting a license for the first time is a rite of passage that even older prospective drivers will need to accomplish. Even if you do not often drive yourself and rely on a chauffeur to drive you to where you need to go, having a license can still provide a reliable form of photo identification.

What You Need to Do

The first step is to procure a learners permit, complete all the tasks, and then pass the skills tests and pay all of the fees that are required. All drivers must be able to prove that they live in Washington DC to gain a validlicense in the District. All necessary documents are needed to help get the license, including a social security number (SSN). This can be difficult for new arrivals to the city from out of state or from another country; particularly if the applicant is not fluent enough in English to understand how to fill out the needed paperwork or get the associated registrations in order. Without an SSN, prospective drivers will only be granted a limited license.

As a New Resident

Once you have moved to the District, you have a month (30 days) to apply for a driver’s license. Anyone with licenses issued by another state needs to convert it to its equivalent for Washington, DC. Completing the application, providing proof of identity, plus state residency and the social security number are all needed for this process. You will also need to complete a vision test and have a photograph taken for your new license. Paying the fees necessary fees is another important step to complete. If you currently hold an expired license, then it is urgent that you get a brand new license. You may have to complete more knowledge tests and skills tests if this is the situation that you are in; however, you can also rely on the experts at United States Vehicle Registration Service to help you out with any remaining questions you might have.

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