How to Get a Driver’s License in Virginia

How to Get a Driver’s License in Virginia

Getting a driver’s license is always an exciting milestone.

Getting a driver’s license is always an exciting milestone. But different states and regions will have different requirements for how to get a brand new license or how to renew it when your current license is about to expire. Here is a look at how to get a driver’s license in Virginia.

New Residents

Once you have moved into Virginia, you have two months to get a new license for the state. In that same window of time, you will need to get your vehicle registered as well. Part of the process is working with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Going to the DMV is everyone’s nightmare, and that means that you won’t always be able to fit it into your busy schedules. This is where you can get a new driver’s license, along with ID cards, vehicle registrations, and tags and titles for each vehicle you own. Everyone needs to be able to pass a vision test, as well.  

What You Need

Getting a driver’s license in Virginia also requires some other documents. For instance, you need to be able to prove that you live in the state. A birth certificate, passport, or license from another state will suffice. You’ll also need to bring a lease, bill, or mortgage statement verifying your Virginia address. Finally, you will also need documents relating to Social Security – an original card, or bank statement that has the number on it. You can also furnish a pay stub that has your SSN on it.  

Education Requirements

Sometimes, a new applicant will be under 18. The education requirements may not apply to you directly, but if you have teenage children who are looking to become a licensed driver as well, then this is some advice that you must heed. Anyone under 19 who wants to be a new driver has to pass a driver education course that has been sanctioned by the state. Thirty-six classroom sessions are part of this education requirement. Hopeful new drivers will learn about the dangers of alcohol and drugs relating to vehicle operation; road rage and other forms of aggressive driving; and how to avoid distractions while behind the wheel. There’s also time learning how to control a vehicle.

Required Testing

Passing a knowledge test and a road test are the last two elements of what you need to get a new license in Virginia. However, if you already have a license from another state, then you won’t need to do the road test.  

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