Learn the Rules of the Road!

Learn the Rules of the Road!

Passing knowledge tests are just as important as showing that you know how to operate your chosen vehicle. Here now is a look at some of the rules of the road.

Congratulations on getting your permit or license! One of the most important parts of life is being able to drive and drive well. However, you can’t navigate the streets around you (or in a new city) without knowing what the rules of the road are. That’s why passing knowledge tests are just as important as showing that you know how to operate your chosen vehicle. Here now is a look at some of the rules of the road. 

Some General Driving Rules 

The driver’s seat will always be on the left side of the car, but you must always drive on the right side of the road. Yield to pedestrians, and let them cross if you see them waiting at a crosswalk. Keep an eye out for bicyclists, and remember that you can’t pass a school bus when it has to flash its lights and its own stop sign out

Road Signs and Traffic Signals 

Whenever you see a stop sign, you must come to a complete halt. Rolling stops can get you a ticket if you get caught doing it. When you see a yield sign, you have to wait for other cars to go by. That’s why you need to slow down and look around before continuing to drive. Other road signs you will see include One Way, Speed Limit, Railroad Crossing, Parking, and No Parking. 

Now let’s talk traffic signals. Generally speaking, green means go; yellow tells you to slow down; red means stop. You’ve got to wait until the light changes to keep going. A flashing yellow light means you can go but do so with caution.  


Whether you are driving or simply a passenger, always remember to buckle your seatbelt! Young children should be in car seats or booster seats, and they can never ride in the passenger seat until they are older. Don’t drink and drive. For that matter, don’t text and drive – something rookie drivers need to learn. Whenever there is inclement weather or it’s after dark, you’ve got to use your headlights. Finally, avoid picking up hitchhikers. Surprisingly enough, it’s generally illegal in most states. If you run into an emergency call 911 to let the police know. 

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