A Guide to Getting a Driver’s License in Virginia

A Guide to Getting a Driver’s License in Virginia

Even if you already have a license, it might expire sometime soon.

Even if you already have a license, it might expire sometime soon. If you live in Virginia, then you might have a harder time getting a license than if you live in Maryland or work in DC, both of which are likely to have different license requirements. Here is a guide to getting started on your next driver’s license journey

For New Virginians 

As we begin, let’s focus on what new residents of the great commonwealth of Virginia need to know. After moving, you have two months to get a new driver’s license for the state. Your vehicle must also be registered, and you’ve got to be able to pass a vision test

Things You Need 

Now let’s turn our attention to things you need when applying for a license. For one, you must be able to prove that you reside in the state. Birth certificates and passports can help prove where you live. Also bring leases, bills, or mortgage statements verifying where you live.  An original Social Security card is necessary for this, or you can use bank statements or paystubs that have your SSN on it. 

Educational Guidelines 

Not all applicants are teenagers, but most are going to be first time drivers. Every new driver must display that they have the proper education in order to gain a license. It doesn’t matter where you live in Virginia, either. Besides learning how to drive and operate a car, other lessons include how to deal with road rage and other dangerous situations, along with how to not get distracted while behind the wheel. All of these matters are important for every driver to know, not just rookie drivers about to get their first licenses

Passing the Test

The last two parts of getting a license are to pass a knowledge test and a road test. That said, if you bring a license in from another state, then you won’t need to take the road test, 

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