The Importance of Visitor Parking Permits in DC

The Importance of Visitor Parking Permits in DC

All visitors to Washington DC need to have the right parking permits.

All visitors to Washington DC need to have the right parking permits. Visitor parking permits are enforced to allow residents of the city to have somewhere to park regularly. If you are confused about why they are so important, then you have come to the right place. 


Anyone who applies for the visitor parking permits must be a resident of the city. To this end, there are some proofs of residency that they need to be able to provide. One example is a valid driver’s license or identification card issued by the DMV. Another example is a valid vehicle registration card, also published by the DMV. Utility bills also count, as do leases, deeds, settlement agreements, or a voter registration card. You need some form of documentation that proves you live somewhere in the District, no matter which neighborhood you may reside in; that way, all of your visitors can stay and park in the city for up to fifteen days. 

More Information

Applicants must also provide the name and address of their visitors. That way, the visitor parking permits will be able to remain valid. The state and tag number of the associated vehicle must also be included so it cannot be transferred under the table. 

What Makes the Permits Valid

The validity of the permits is the essential part of the process you need to think about whether or not you need to renew a license or get a new one issued for when your in-laws come to visit for a few weeks. The licenses need to display the license tag number of the vehicle. Then it must also show the ward number of the resident applicant. Finally, the expiration date must be on the permit as well. The expiration date needs to be fifteen days after the date of issuance; it can’t be more than that. Please note that a permit cannot prevent the issuance of a warning or a ticket on the visitor, so bear that in mind. 

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