What DC Drivers Need to Know About Suspended Licenses

What DC Drivers Need to Know About Suspended Licenses

It’s against the law to drive with suspended licenses, not to mention illegal and reckless. Here is a look at what all drivers in the District need to know about them.

Let’s say that your license was recently suspended. Before you can hit the road again, you need to get that suspension lifted. It’s against the law to drive with a suspended license, not to mention illegal and reckless. Here is a look at what all drivers in the District need to know about them. 

Reinstating Licenses 

Suspended drivers must take some steps to restore their licenses to normal. One part of the process is to take and pass the knowledge test. Then, they get a new learner’s permit. Once that process has been completed, the motorist is obligated to pass the road skills test again. Finally, they must bring all the proper documents and papers with them when they visit the DMV to get their license reinstated. If the reason for the suspension is an unpaid parking ticket, then paying off the fines for traffic tickets will unlock the license.  

Suspension Periods 

If the license has been suspended due to the driver having too many violation points on their record, then their license will be returned to them once the suspension period is over. Revoked licenses can eventually be restored, but they require attendance at crucial hearings that determine whether or not the applicant is ready to get their license back. The driver’s record contains a log of how many times a suspension has occurred, and how long each suspension lasted. For example, ten points on the record results in a suspension of ninety days, or three months. Three months can feel like an eternity when you’re used to having your reliable transport. 

What the Points System Means 

Twelve points will lead to a revoked license. This period can last six months for a first offense; one year for a second offense, and two years for three or more offenses. The points system is based on demerits given to drivers based on what type of moving violation they have committed. Tailgating is worth 2 points, speeding anywhere from 3 to 5, leaving the scene of property damage is 8 points, and driving under the influence of alcohol is worth 12 points. 

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