Your Driving Record is Extremely Important

Your Driving Record is Extremely Important

While waiting to get title and registration issues resolved, you might start to think about your driving record.

While waiting to get title and registration issues resolved, you might start to think about your driving record. It is enormously important, and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you also want to renew your driver’s license. Let’s have a look at why this is the case

What’s Included? 

Let’s begin by answering the biggest question about your driving record: what is included in it? It has your name and address, for starters. That should be a given, but it also includes less commonly known information such as the license number classification and when your license is set to expire. Citations for DUIs are mentioned in it, along with fines, suspensions, traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and any points that remain on your record which haven’t expired and gone away yet. 

Why Does It Matter? 

The second biggest question you probably have has to do with why it matters so much. If you want to get a new car insurance policy, then having a copy of your driving record handy is useful. That’s because it could help you get quotes for lower rates, deductibles, and premiums. You can also gauge what your driving habits are like, such as when you tend to speed or if you tend to fall too far below the speed limit. Going too slow can be just as dangerous as going too fast, and you can partially determine that by consulting your driving records. 

How to Get a Copy

Happily, securing a copy of your driving record is easy enough to do. Contact your local DMV or MVA office in order to receive one. You can also take the option of doing some online research; many offices offer this as a service that is either free or comes with a small surcharge. Getting an official copy of the record should cost no more than $10. However, considering the fact that many personal copies are entirely free, it is well worth the investment of some time and energy to find out what your driving record looks like now compared to the last time you checked several years ago.  

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