3 Questions to Answer When It’s Time to Transfer Your Tags

3 Questions to Answer When It’s Time to Transfer Your Tags

Do you have to transfer your tags from an old vehicle to a newer one?

Do you have to transfer your tags from an old vehicle to a newer one? What if you need to surrender your tags? These are two common questions that many drivers face, even when they don’t expect to do so. Here’s a look at some questions you need to change your tags around.

Do I Need to Cancel My Registration? 

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the cancellation of tags and registration for your car. How does it become an issue? It pops up when you intend to move away from the District or if you wish to divest yourself of your vehicle in some way. Whether you plan on selling or donating, you can’t have your car or truck be in your name anymore. Instead, the registration needs to be updated so that it is compliant with whichever state you want to move to in the near future. If your tags were stolen or they wore out, then you might need to cancel the existing ones before you can get replacements

How Do I Cancel My Tags?

Now that you know about the situations in which you should cancel your tags, you’re probably still in the dark about how to do it. The first solution is to go into a DMV branch and have them cancel it for you. However, that isn’t always possible, as in the case of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. You can request that your tags be canceled by mail as well. If your vehicle is for personal use and not tied to a business, then you can also cancel your tags through the DMV’s website. 

What Should I Do About Insurance?  

Finally, you must figure out what to do about your insurance once everything else has been taken care of and settled. Make sure you get a receipt of tag cancellation first. Then you can go ahead and negate your registration; if you cancel the insurance first, then you could be fined for not having the proper coverage that you will need out there on the road. 

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