Title And Registration: Tips for Finding the Title Number

Title And Registration: Tips for Finding the Title Number

At some point, you will need to renew the title and registration associated with your vehicle.

At some point, you will need to renew the title and registration associated with your vehicle. Sometimes though, you might not be able to find the number that you need to have on hand, especially if you need a duplicate title or registration card. Let’s find out more

The Registration Card 

The first step we recommend for you is to look at the registration card itself. The card should have all the relevant information about your vehicle on it. Check for a number that is eight digits long and on the line above the vehicle identification number, or VIN.  

Look at Renewal Notice 

The second step is to look at your renewal notice. Depending on where you live, you will most likely receive one from the DMV or the MVA. This tip represents a useful solution if you have misplaced your registration card or cannot find it for some other reason. The title number should be on the same line that indicates the make and model of your vehicle.  

Get a Duplicate Title 

Another idea is to get a duplicate title. This solution is a good idea if you discover that none of the above steps apply to you or are feasible enough for you to do. Be sure to apply in the same county where the vehicle originated, especially if you moved to a different location than where you were before. Moving into the District makes matters less straightforward since you need to get a new license within a month of becoming a resident of the city. 

Bring New Application with You

Bringing a new application with you when you go into the DMV or MVA branch is also a good idea. However, considering current conditions where you should be practicing social distancing, this step might have to wait until this health crisis ends.  

Send by Mail 

Whether you send your application by mail, over the phone, or online, you will still need to pay all of the applicable fees, so be sure to account for that as well. 

Questions? The United States Vehicle Registration Services is Here to Help You!

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