The Importance of a Driver’s Record

From the day you get your license you begin to build a driver record. While most only retain information ranging from three to ten years, they are useful for gauging your driver history. Many insurance companies will ask for your account when providing quotes, but if you are not giving the full information, you may find that the quote and your final price are incongruous. Obtaining a copy of your driver record is a natural step that can help you with getting insurance, but it can also help you keep a better picture of your driving habits in mind.

The Importance of a Driver’s Record
Obtaining a copy of your driver’s record is a natural step that can help you with getting insurance, but it can also help you keep a better picture of your driving habits in mind.

What’s On It

Your driving record includes a variety of information that ranges from personal to specific driving matters. Your name and address, license number classification, and expiration date will all be included. Additionally, and DUI’s, fines, revocations, suspensions, traffic violations and convictions, traffic and speeding tickets, and points will be on the record. Any accidents you’ve been in for the last few years will appear as well. If you have non-moving violations, think parking tickets, those will not be included, nor will any non-driving related criminal offenses.

Why It Matters

Having your driving record can be useful in several ways. If you intend to obtain new car insurance, for instance, having a clear picture of your driving record can help you get more accurate quotes. If you are to give the insurance company unintentionally false information, they may give you a higher or lower quote than what your final cost would be. Once you’ve chosen a company, they will obtain your record and then you might be stuck with a higher premium than you expected.

Additionally, you may find that knowing your driver history helps to give a clearer picture of your driving habits. If, for instance, you find that you have a high number of points on your license already, it may help keep you from speeding next time you’re late to work. Knowing what’s on your docket helps you take steps to be a safer driver.

Get Your Driving Record Today

Fortunately, getting a copy of your driver record is easy! You will need to request a copy through your local DMV office. Most will give you the option to look up your history online using your license number and depending on your state it may be a small fee or free online. Official copies tend to cost about $10, but most personal ones are free and useful for most cases.

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