Even More About Suspended Driver’s Licenses

Even More About Suspended Driver’s Licenses

All drivers in DC can stand to learn more about suspended licenses.

All drivers in DC can stand to learn more about suspended licenses. After all, it is illegal to drive with one. Driving is a privilege, and in a busy city like Washington DC, it’s essential to make sure you follow all traffic laws and rules. No one wants to be called into court for any traffic violations. After all, we all have busy lives and things that need to be done. 

The Importance of Traffic School 

If you have too many points on your record, then this will lead to your license being suspended or even revoked. This also means that you will need to attend a traffic school that has been approved by the city. Completing this course within a month of the hearing will help erase points from your record. If you commit a moving violation while out of town, going to traffic school can also reduce the number of points on your record as well. 

One of the reasons it is essential to have a clean record is that it will help keep your car insurance premiums down. Insurance companies will raise your rates if your license has been suspended or is in danger of being taken away. That’s because from their perspective, you have just become more of a risk and as such, require more coverage than you did before. Since not all states offer this solution, you need to find out for yourself what you can do to make things right.  

Types of Suspensions 

Once you accumulate ten points on your record, your license is suspended. However, that is not the only type of license suspension on the books. Not keeping up with other financial responsibilities, such as paying for child support or paying parking tickets, can also cause your point total to go up. Driving with a suspended or revoked license can lead to harsh penalties, such as hefty fines and even time in jail. Don’t let this happen to you – be smart! 

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