How to Change Your Address on Your License

If you move within your state or otherwise change your mailing address, you are required to update your address on your driver’s license.

If you move within your state or otherwise change your mailing address, you are required to update your address on your driver’s license. This is so that your license remains a valid form of identification. If your license doesn’t have a correct address, you won’t be able to do many important things, like renew your license. If you move into DC from out of the area, you also need to make sure that you get a new DC license with your correct address. If you receive your license with any incorrect information on it, you will need to get it corrected. However, the idea of going in and waiting in line for hours with a crush of people can be as exhausting as actually doing it. Thankfully, you have options when it comes to changing your address on your Washington DC license.


The first option that comes to mind for doing an address change is going into the DMV and doing it in person. To do this, you will need to take your current drivers license with you and fill our a change of address form. You’ll also need proof of address and an acceptable form of payment to pay the fee for a new copy of your corrected license. If you want to do the change in-person, but you want to avoid long wait times, contact your local DMV, and ask when the best times to visit are.


You may be able to do a change of address online, depending on where you’re moving from. If you can do it online, it is relatively easy. Both the form and the payment can be done through the website. This will only be an option if you currently have a Real ID or limited purpose credential. You will need to input information like your license number and social security number and upload proof of residency. Once the information is submitted, it will be reviewed, and your new license will be mailed to you.

By Mail

There also may be the option for you to renew by mail. Eligible motorists can fill out the form and mail it and payment into the DMV (to a specific mailing address, not to any office). This option may take longer than all of the other ones, though you won’t have to spend the time waiting around in the DMV office.

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