Tips for Avoiding Aggressive Driving

Tips for Avoiding Aggressive Driving

Nearly one third to half of all driving fatalities are due to aggressive driving.

When you’re hitting the roads in DC and the surrounding areas, there’s a lot that can affect your driving. From traffic-filled streets, confusing directions, construction, and more, there’s a lot that can cause you to go from relaxed and responsible to aggressive in no time. While it can be easy to get frustrated driving, it’s crucial to stay away from being an aggressive driver. Nearly one third to half of all driving fatalities are due to aggressive driving. To help make sure you, and those around you, get home safely, here are a few tips to help keep your driving less aggressive. 


One of the first ways to prevent traffic issues is to always stay in the right lane when not actively passing. This keeps space for those who want to drive faster to pass without becoming frustrated and misbehaving. That said, unless your vehicle poses a threat, always try to follow the posted speed limits rather than going under. While many believe that driving slower is safer, it can also lead to issues with other drivers in both aggressive and non-aggressive situations. Always allow cars traveling at a faster speed to pass. Even if they are speeding that is for the law to deal with, not you. 


One of the most important steps of all is always to use your signal and stay aware. One of the best tips is to follow a ten-second rule; allow your blinker to be on for at least seven seconds before you merge, then keep it on for the duration of your lane change or turn. While ten seconds may not seem like a long time, it’s often more than enough to allow all nearby vehicles to notice. 

Don’t Overreact 

When you’re dealing with other, aggressive drivers, it can be tempting to honk, make obscene gestures or more, but these things often do little to help. Instead, these things can instigate an already on-edge person to more dramatic action. There are plenty of instances of cars being run off the road or other drivers pulling knives or guns over a simple middle finger. 

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